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North End Property Management and development begins by working with the appointed architect to create the vision for what the development will be – the site plan, building layout North End Property Management & Development LLC plays a key role in shaping the final developments by integrating its expert knowledge of the property investment market with the architect’s artistic perception of the site.

This work continues into bridging with local Councils to ensure that the development achieves Planning Permission. North end Property Management & Development LLC then completes the legal documentation and negotiation required to take a scheme from the architect’s drawing board and make it real. Who are North End Property Management & Development LLC?

North End Property Management & Development LLC is an established property management and development company with a particular focus on city residential property markets. Our approach is unique in that we specialize in many different parts of the property development process, all of which are vital when developing outstanding homes.

By identifying land opportunities, we design, build, and bring our product to market in a cost-effective way which means the end client gets the best possible value for money.

With departments which specialize in land acquisition, design, marketing, and property management, we are one of the few companies which is involved at all stages of the property lifecycle.

What We Do:

  • Source and acquire land
  • Play a full role in development design
  • Secure planning permission
  • Operate an in-house marketing department
  • Deal with contracts and legalities