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Frequently Asked Questions

Older homes can generally cost less than new homes, however, there are many cases where new homes can also cost less then older homes. Most new homes will not have any backyard landscaping and some don”t include any front landscaping either. With an older home, the landscaping is normally already completed and could have 10”s of thoUSnds of dollars in landscaping done, which is included in the purchase price.

Taxes on some older homes may also be lower. Some people are charmed by the elegance of an older home but shy away because they”re concerned about potential maintenance costs. Consider a home warranty to get the peace of mind you deserve. A good Home Warranty plan protects you against unexpected repairs on many home systems and appliances for a full year or more after you move in.

Yes, if your property is vacant when we come on board there is a $25 charge monthly until rented. We also charge a lease fee of 30% of the normal monthly rental rate. This fee is to offset the cost to secure a new tenant. The charge is only for securing a new tenant and not for lease renewals. This fee is never charge more than once a year.

Pets are not allowed without your permission. When pets are allowed, an additional pet fee of typically $100 is required for each cat, dog or other animal. Any damage above and beyond the pet deposit remains the tenant’s responsibility.

Most mortgages originated today calculate interest in arrears, unlike consumer loans which calculate interest to the date of payment receipt. As an example, when borrowers pay their February mortgage payments, they are paying the January interest. This method of calculating interest is based on a 360 day year in which each month has 30 days.

Yes. Our policy is that the security deposit is typically one month's rent.

You bet. It starts with the viewing of vacant properties, the renting of the property, any change in occupants, and if issues arise during the rental we review their files. We do criminal background checks, review of credit standing, public index files, and employment background. We go where ever their information takes us.

If you want. There is an additional fee of $50.00 per inspection. We always send two staff members for that inspection. One for housing keeping issues, our rental staff and one for mechanical checks, our maintenance superintendent.

They range based on the number of rental units you have for us to manage and the amount of their rents, gross rents collected. The more we manage, the higher the rents, the lower our fee. If you own a single home, the rental rate is under $1000.00 per month our fee is 12%, if the rent is over $1000.00 the rate is 10%. Duplex’s range between 10-09% again based on gross rents collected. Our fee’s range from 12% to 8%.

When you hire us we become your agent. Our job is to act in your best interest and follow your intent for the investment. The more you share with us about your ownership, investment plan, the better job we can do for you. We secure tenants or take on current tenants in residence; enter into leases, enforce leases, address maintenance issues and transition the move out of tenants. As your agent, we are available to consult on all issues on your property.